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Trekking Poles – Lightweight, Collapsible Hiking Poles for Backpacking Gear


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Trekking Poles offer the best combination of durable strength and lightweight portability in a complete set designed for the trekker’s comfort and ease of use.

Why use trekking poles?

1. Reduce impact of trekking or walking on knees, back, and hips

2. Increase speed, balance, and security

3. Get more traction and points of contact, crucial on muddy or steep terrains

4. Great walking aid if recovering from injury or have balance issues

5. Other uses: – Can deflect shrubbery or act as probe for puddles, quicksand, etc – Defense vs bears, other wildlife – Can double as tent poles Additional advantages of Aluminum 7075 While carbon fiber is lighter than aluminum, it does not perform very well under lateral pressure – common issues include snapping especially when it gets stuck on rocky terrain. Aluminum will not snap.

It might bend under extreme pressure, but you can more likely bend it back and continue using it.


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